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I'm a cognitive psychologist working as Global CRO Lead at Randstad, a global leader in the HR services industry. I implement and embed the lean/agile optimization processes of digital assets in the global business.

I work a lot with human behaviordataA/B testing and cross-cultural challenges. I share my experiences with marketeers, students, consumers, developers and merchants by telling about online psychology and how to get to continuous business growth.

I speak at conferences around the world sharing my experience and learning a lot while doing so.

With extensive Magento experience since 2008 I help companies make the right business decisions, prevent mistakes early on and select the right development partners.
I studied Applied Cognitive Psychology at the Utrecht University. I combine knowledge of Human Factors with the latest online research to improve online communication & conversions.
I’ve successfully built two large local communities and I’m working on number 3. I love sharing my experience to help you build yours to reach your business goals.
previous clients

Here you see some of the companies I helped with their digital optimization


Tools of the trade

Conversion optimization

I help you setup, run your experiments, analyse the data and get statistically correct results and insights about your customers.


Need some inspiration? Hire me to present at your seminar to your customers or to give a workshop for your employees.


I’ll give you my ideas and actionable tips on how to improve your online business and get higher conversion rates.

Trainings & workshops

I can help you form a ‘customer intelligence team’ and embed a continues optimization strategy within your organization.


If you have an interesting case or idea, invite me to lunch or dinner so we can exchange thoughts. Most days I’m close to Amsterdam. It’s fun!


Contact me and we can have a look at what I can mean for your business.

“Can't recommend Guido enough. He's a teacher, a manager and an execution machine. He's taught me tons on CRO and is leading the field on the global stage. Not only that but he's also a great public speaker.”
David Arnoux |  Head of growth, GrowthTribe
“Guido is one of the best “connectors” I know. He headed an amazing Magento community day in Holland which I was a part of”
yoav kutner |  Co-Founder, Magento - CTO & Founder, Oro Inc.
“From the start I got a lot of responsibilities and freedom, which made it a valuable time learning a lot about growth hacking, UX and conversion optimization from Guido. While working in his team we were able to achieve great results for the company. Guido is a good manager, real teamplayer and very knowledgeable!”
Nadine Peeters |  CRO Specialist, Euroflorist

Some of the projects I'm involved in

Besides my day job I have some other initiatives I'm working on.
Gotta keep busy amirite?


I started Dutchento in 2008 as an online platform for the Dutch users of Magento, an open source e-commerce platform. It offers the latest news, translations and support for all the specific Dutch aspects of the platform. We showcase Dutch projects and the companies and people that made it possible. It now serves as one of the largest Magento communities worldwide.

Meet Magento

The Meet Magento conference was born in 2009 with 100 participants as a way for the local Dutch Magento community to meetup AFK share knowledge and have fun together. It laid the foundation for over 50 worldwide Meet Magento events and grown into the best platform where over 550 merchants, solution providers and industry partners do business.

Shopping Tomorrow

Shopping Tomorrow is an initiative that helps Dutch companies to prepare themselves for the consumer and competition of tomorrow. Over 25 expertgroups work for a full year on a specific topic and publish a white-paper at the end of the year which are bundled into the yearly Shopping Tomorrow book. Since 2015 I take part in the expertgroup for Revenue Optimization.

In need of a keynote speaker or in-house workshop?

I speak at various international events every month and I'm regularly awarded as the best and most engaging speaker of the event. Send your details to and we'll get your event into my schedule!