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Hi, I’m Guido Jansen! I have a background in Applied Cognitive Psychology and work in E-commerce to improve customer experiences and drive continues business improvements. Which usually involves doing (user)research and looking at a lot of data. I love testing hypotheses about human behavior in online environments and also have a lot of fun in building communities.


I was born in 1982 in Zwolle, in the Netherlands. I lived in Hattem, Tiel, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Breukelen (yes, Brooklyn), Hoofddorp and now live in Amsterdam. Until 2004 I spent most of my time swimming, won several Dutch championships and participated in eruropean championship tounaments. You’ll find out about this in more detail under the tag “swimming“.


I studied “Applied Cognitive Psychology” at the University of Utrecht. When I was studying there, I was on the Board of the Student Group of Social Sciences (SGS) from ’06 to ’07 as a coordinator of Public Relations. For more info about my study/CV you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Online Communities and Events

I’m quite busy in the Dutch “Open Source” community. My main involvement lies with web-based applications and the communities involved with it. I founded one of the largest local Joomla! communities worldwide. Additionally, I was a Dutch translation coordinator for Joomla! for quite some time. I also organized the two-day event Joomladays in 2009.

After many years of Joomla! I switched focus to e-commerce and one system in particular: Magento. I am the Dutch Community Manager for Magento. I organized the first Meet Magento event in 2009 and been organizing that as a yearly conference since. I previously worked at Magento Gold partner ISM eCompany as an eBusiness consultant and as a Senior Conversion Consultant at Online Dialogue. In 2014 is switched to working at the “Client side”, starting out as a Conversion Manager for Comparison International at Sanoma and now working as Chief Psychology Officer at Euroflorist Europe.
I'm currently also active as Vice President Western Europe for the Meet Magento Association and organize the Meet Magento World online conference for the first time in 2016.

Professional Experience

I worked as a freelancer during my studies and have since been employed at two technology companies. My business cards have always said “e-Business Consultant” on them. Since no-one really has a clear idea of what an e-business consultant really does, this allowed me to do all kinds of cool stuff within those companies. All of my tasks were focussed on e-commerce projects, mainly using the Magento platform and also included:

  • Working in mixed teams with clients, front-end and back-end-developers and designers, both locally and internationally;
  • Pre-sales consulting (why and how companies should use Magento);
  • Writing functional design specifications/ responses to RFPs / project proposals;
  • Project management (following the SCRUM method, with both Dutch, Polish and Ukrainian developers);
  • After-sales consulting (how companies could improve their current webshop);
  • Setting up usability and A/B testing procedures;
  • Creating and developing new business ideas;
  • Blogging and speaking about Magento and (Online) Psychology at events.

This gave me the opportunity to explore almost every aspect of the e-commerce business from the side of an implementation company.

This Blog

My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences to provide you with useful information to improve your online business. Have fun reading my posts here and I always enjoy it when you leave a comment behind.

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