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VideoAudioAudioPodcast: Conversie piramide, Foggs gedragsmodel en personaliseren

In deze 4e aflevering praat ik met Martin van Kranenburg over de conversie piramide, de ultieme formule voor conversie optimalisatie, personaliseren en de tool die hij aan het ontwikkelen is die het werk van CRO specialisten weer een stukje makkelijker moet maken.

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VideoAudioAudioPodcast: CRO.CAFÉ Aflevering 3

Samen met Roy Huiskes en Rudger de Groot heb ik het rapport “State of the Conversion Optimization Industry 2018” gelezen dat ConversionXL afgelopen december voor het 3e jaar op rij heeft uitgebracht. We bespreken dit rapport en zijn (heel) kritisch over de staat van onze eigen CRO industry.

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VideoAudioAudioPodcast: CRO.CAFÉ Aflevering 2

In deze tweede aflevering spreek ik met Mischa Coster, zelfstandig mediapsycholoog en Chief Psychology Officer bij Grey Matters.

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VideoAudioAudioFirst episode of CRO.CAFÉ is live!

As announced in November I would be starting a new (Dutch) podcast series this year about CRO. Today the first episode launched!

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VideoAudioAudioCRO.CAFÉ Episode 0 (Teaser)

In 2019 I will start a new Dutch podcast series about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). I want to get a better insight into the Dutch CRO field, get an idea of how everyone is working, what the struggles are and use this platform to exchange knowledge and experience. I'll be interviewing people working in/with CRO at agencies, tool vendors, merchants and other end-users.

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VideoAudioAudioTexas sharpshooter fallacy

So around a year ago, a friend of mine was looking for a house to buy somewhere around Amsterdam. Something that turned into a great hobby of his, sometimes spending hours (and hours) on housing websites. During one of these searches he found a single street with 6 houses for sale. So he told me: “That is not a good sign, there is probably something wrong with that neighborhood.”

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VideoAudioAudioWomen in Tech, Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our Women in Tech podcast. In the first part Guido spoke with Allesandro Ronchi and in this second part he sat down with 5 women attending the Dutch Magento Unconference to continue our conversation about diversity in Tech and specifically in the Magento community.

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VideoAudioAudioInterview: David Manners joins Magento’s Community Engineering Team

David Manners - originally from the UK - now works as Senior Software Architect at Magento solution partner Sitewards in Frankfurt, Germany.

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VideoAudioAudioInterview: Sherrie Rohde (Magento Inc.)

During our Unconference in August (in Utrecht, The Netherlands) Sander and Guido had the pleasure to interview Sherrie Rohde about her work at Magento and what we can expect from her and her team in the coming year!

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VideoAudioAudioWomen in Tech, Part 1: Alessandro Ronchi

In this episode Guido talks to Alessandro Ronchi from Italy (Bitbull) about diversity in our Magento community.

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VideoAudioAudioFor the anthropodologists: Interview with Ben Marks (Magento Inc.)

At our Dutch Magento Unconference Guido spoke with Ben Marks about his work at Magento, travelling around the world and why The Netherlands is the best place ever.

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