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AI & Personalization

Guy Yalif performed his CH2019 keynote "AI & Personalization Demystified" and spoke about how we can use AI and machine learning, what it is (and isn't) good for in marketing and personalization. After his session, he and Niels Reimer joined me in the café to talk about this! (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

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Make All of Your Data Actionable With Ringside Data

Do you struggle to get enough actionable data from Google Analytics? Then you need to listen to Russell McAthy, CEO and co-founder of Ringside Data. Key takeaways include: Why Russell set up Ringside Data, the companies with the biggest data problem, how Ringside outperforms Google Analytics, if you’re investing in data analytic tools, you need people with specific skill sets, the biggest pain points Ringside is trying to solve, the benefit of Ringside for eCommerce businesses, and what attribution is. (originally published on

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CRO Methodologie en het onboarden van nieuwe CRO klanten

Deze week weer een gezellige aflevering met Timo Stegeman, Lead CRO consultant bij Clickvalue. We hebben het over de methodologie achter een CRO programma, het onboarding van nieuwe CRO klanten en het trainen van CRO consultants. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

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Recording: How to Web 2019 - Data-Driven Decisions meets Psychology

Recording of my session at How To Web conference in Bucharest (October 2019).

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Gastnerd in Met Nerds Om Tafel

Deze week was ik gastnerd bij @metnerdsomtafel! We spraken o.a. over experimenteren, Magento, communities en... Zwelgje... 🤔

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Verse optimalisatie cases met de #1 docent van Beeckestijn!

Geeft colleges rondom conversie en behavior design op business schools (Beeckestijn en NIMA) (originally published on

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CH2019: Privacy, Analytics and CRO

CH2019 with Aurélie Pols and Rick Dronkers (oorsponkelijk gepubliceerd op

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Magento Masters Spotlight: Guido Jansen

Interview with me about being selected as a Magento Master. Recorded at Magento Imagine Las Vegas in March 2019, published on on January 8th 2020.

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Building Customer Loyalty with Nikhil Naidu

How do you build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn? By implementing a loyalty programme. Nikhil Naidu, lead of product marketing activities for Yotpo loyalty and referral software products, has a vast experience in customer loyalty. Key takeaways: How a loyalty programme can help your brand How to combat customer churn (and what is likely to cause customer churn) The link between user-generated content and loyalty What the market can expect to see in terms of customer loyalty in 2020

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ACM komt met leidraad bescherming online consument

Bart Schutz consulteerde de ACM over de "Leidraad bescherming online consument" die volgende maand defintief moet worden. Tot 16 januari kun je daar nog op reageren, een goed moment om daar even wat dieper op in te gaan! (oorsponkelijk gepubliceerd op

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CRO.CAFE: Nabeschouwing 2019 & voorbeschouwing 2020

Ik deed vanavond een livestream experiment op LinkedIn met als topic CRO.CAFE nabeschouwing 2019 en voorbeschouwing van 2020. Bekijk 'm via de link in de shownotes of beluister 'm direct hier! (oorsponkelijk gepubliceerd op

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The Story of Spryker with CEO Boris Lokschin

If you’re a merchant, contemplating the future of eCommerce, listen to Boris Lokschin, CEO of Spryker, talk about how his open source eCommerce platform can help you now, and in the future. Key takeaways include: Boris’s background in eCommerce, where eCommerce technology is heading, what role the marketplaces play in the future of eCommerce in Europe, why the big platforms own the customers, the vision for Spryker, the surprising applications that he’s seen clients use Spryker for, and how to work with a co-CEO. (originally published on

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Building Better Security for Your eCommerce Site with Talesh Seeparsan

How secure is your eCommerce site? Talesh Seeparsan has made it his life’s mission to raise our collective security maturity levels, tune in to find out what you can do to protect your site. Key takeaways Why eCommerce security means so much to him Why we tend to avoid the topic of e commerce security Plan security before you built your site The advantage of using an open source platform to enhance security How to select a security vendor to partner with What the future of encryption could look like (originally published on

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MagentoLive Europe 2019: 3 Questions with Gary Specter

At MagentoLive Europe I was able to sit down with Gary Specter, Vice President, Global Head GTM, Commercial at Adobe, and ask him three questions live during a livestream from the event! #MLEU #ecommerce.

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MagentoLive Europe 2019: Commerce Sneaks

Together with Michele Miller, Sr. manager of Solutions Innovations at Adobe, I was invited to host the Commerce Sneaks session at MagentoLive Europe 2019 in Amsterdam. Amazing to see the innovations that the community has come up with in the half year since the previous Commerce Sneaks at Imagine!

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I'm a cognitive psychologist working as a Digital customer experience optimization specialist at Vaimo. I help our clients to better match their offerings and digital channels with customer behavior/needs.

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