Announcing a new Magento community project

Written by Guido Jansen in
April 2018

I would like to share a new project with you. I’ve had this idea for over 5 years now and I’ve finally been able to make it a reality in the last couple of weeks.

Open source is about transparency, community and collaboration and that is at the core of this new project.

It’s an online community platform connecting everyone involved with Magento and showing how they are connected. I’m talking about all solution & industry partners, merchants, developers, e-commerce experts, event organizers and all other individual members and companies.

And all these things will be connected to each other, to open jobs, to the articles you write and to the events we all organize as a Magento community.

It’s a place where we connect and where you can show the world the awesome shops you’ve built and the great projects that you are building right now.

It’s a place where you can promote your business and get new clients, but also to get valuable insights from potential clients, competitors and the Magento ecosystem as a whole.

So at this point you might be thinking: this is kind of a lot, what the hell are you talking about? So let me give you a little backstory:

In 2008 I started the online Dutch community platform for Magento called which was also the birthplace of the first ever Meet Magento in January 2009.

SInce then, the dutch platform has evolved quite a bit and I have learned a lot about how to manage and facilitate an online community. The platform enables and facilitates people and companies to connect and everyone in the community can use it as a marketing tool for jobs, events and their companies. This central community platform allows everyone to have a much larger reach into the ecosystem than that most of us have on our own.

And basically, the platform I just described already exist. The only thing is that it wasn’t really scalable, it was a lot of manual work and… it was only in Dutch. So not really ready for international expansion.

So that is something that is now solved by this new platform. It will have quite some improvements and new features, it will be in English so ready to grow beyond the Netherlands. And since it’s built from the ground up it will also have a ton of bugs but that’s something I’m working on!

I’ve already reached out to some Magento companies to see what they think and got some great response already. I even got a bunch of them to sign up as launch partners:

* JH and Space48 from UK
* Wagento, Creatuity, Classy Llama and Blue Acorn from USA
* Tickles, Guapa, ISM eCompany and MediaCT from NL
* Vaimo from Sweden
* Cobby from Germany
* I.Cube from Indonesia

So it’s already getting very international and picking up speed quickly which very exciting. When I look at the numbers for the new platform, I already see over 60 beta users, 200 company profiles and over 25.000 unique Magento webshops listed on the platform.

The Beta will launch at or just before Imagine, but if you want to have beta access before that - and you do - reach out to me, DM me on Twitter Instagram or Linkedin or leave a comment here on YouTube and we’ll get you hooked up so you can already have a shiny personal profile and company profile when everyone else sees it for the first time.

That was it for me. If you have feedback or bugreports, let me know and I hope to see many of you at Imagine or at Meet Magento Netherlands on June 1st!

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