Psychologie, Design en Economie van de Gokautomaat

Written by Guido Jansen in
July 2007

En dan weer even een stukje studie-gerelateerde info ;). Dit gaat over het ontwerp en de psychologie van de Fruitmachines bekend van het Casino. Enkele quotes uit het artikel: Slot machines take advantage of basic human psychology to maximize their appeal. In contrast to most other casino games such as blackjack or poker, playing a slot machine requires no skill, intellect, or decision-making ability. This non-threatening aspect is critical to the appeal of slot machines versus other casino games. In addition, there is no downtime while playing slots—the “action” is nonstop, and is designed to engross the player completely.A prodigious amount of thought goes into the design and layout of a casino’s gambling floor. The layout of slot machines and card tables is carefully designed in order to maximize the casino’s profits and lure customers into the games. Casinos are generally designed so that patrons must walk through or at least around the periphery of several slot machine blocks to move around the casino, to maximize the customers’ exposure to the exciting sights and sounds of the slot machines, and especially of others winning on the machines.

In most Las Vegas casinos, there is a noticeable lack of natural light and of clocks. The gambling floor is always located away from the main entrance out onto the street to minimize the gamblers’ exposure to the outside world.Other features of the casino, including the music, carpeting, and even the air conditioning system, are manipulated to the casino’s advantage.

Complete artikel: Stanford Humanities Lab

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