Tweetdeck groups

Written by Guido Jansen in
June 2009


Tweetdeck has a function with which you can create groups of all your twitter contacts. It's really a nice function when you have many contacts and want a column in Tweetdeck dedicated to updates of people you really want to stay up-to-date with (family, close friends, etc..). Seems like a useful function right? Well, the thing is that when you follow more and more people (thus the function becoming more and more useful), loading the list of your contacts will take forever (or at least 70 seconds in my case). I don't know of this is a shortcoming in Tweetdeck or twitter itself, it's not helping the groups function either way. Since my twitter group is growing quite fast I can only hope this will improve, let me know if there are any good alternatives to this!

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