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VideoAudioAudioAre you LEFT or RIGHT brain? Surprise: you're both

You've probably heard about this divide between the functions of the Left Brain versus the Right Brain. There is no divide.

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VideoAudioAudioRecording: How to Web 2019 - Data-Driven Decisions meets Psychology

Recording of my session at How To Web conference in Bucharest (October 2019).

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VideoAudioAudioMagento Masters Spotlight: Guido Jansen

Interview with me about being selected as a Magento Master. Recorded at Magento Imagine Las Vegas in March 2019, published on on January 8th 2020.

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VideoAudioAudioMagentoLive Europe 2019: 3 Questions with Gary Specter

At MagentoLive Europe I was able to sit down with Gary Specter, Vice President, Global Head GTM, Commercial at Adobe, and ask him three questions live during a livestream from the event! #MLEU #ecommerce.

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VideoAudioAudioMagentoLive Europe 2019: Commerce Sneaks

Together with Michele Miller, Sr. manager of Solutions Innovations at Adobe, I was invited to host the Commerce Sneaks session at MagentoLive Europe 2019 in Amsterdam. Amazing to see the innovations that the community has come up with in the half year since the previous Commerce Sneaks at Imagine!

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VideoAudioAudioRecording: Creating An Optimization Culture

At Meet Magento UK last July I shared my ideas on how to create an optimization culture at you company, today the organisation released the video recording of my session so here you go!

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VideoAudioAudioMeet Magento Association becomes Magento Association

Magento today announced the formation of the new Magento Association.

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VideoAudioAudioAnnouncing a new Magento community project

I would like to share a new project with you. I’ve had this idea for over 5 years now and I’ve finally been able to make it a reality in the last couple of weeks.

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VideoAudioAudioConversion Rate Optimisation & Multivariate Testing through AI by Guido Jansen

During Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference we had a talk by Guido Jansen about Conversion Rate Optimisation & Multivariate Testing through AI. Guido talks about the significant advantage AI can provide marketers in conversion rate optimisation & multivariate testing.

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VideoAudioAudioDanielle Mundle and Guido Jansen talk about our last MUG

Listen to Danielle and Guido while during their short recap of the Magento User Group in Rotterdam. Danielle came all the way from the USA to talk about UX design for your webshop and Guido hosted a session about A/B testing.

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VideoAudioAudioGuido Jansen at Pan European StrategyForum Retail 2017, Denmark

Guido Jansen the Chief Psychology Officer & Interim Manager E-commerce Team of Euroflorist Europe shares his thoughts on the following topics: -In a nutshell, what was your presentation about today? -What will be the role of Artificial Intelligence in retail now and in the future? -How do you differentiate yourself from other companies?

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VideoAudioAudioAftermovie Meet Magento 2017 Netherlands

So proud of the 9th edition of the event I kickstarted in The Netherlands in 2009!

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VideoAudioAudioYou know you want to be a Magento Master

Guido Jansen will tell you all about how to become a Magento Master by asking the real experts whats what.

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VideoAudioAudioInterview: Manuel Da costa - Effective Experiments

Interview @ Conversion Hotel 2016 ( with Manuel Da Costa, the man behind Effective Experiments

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VideoAudioAudioBart Schutz - Cross-cultural Website Optimization

How does Bart work when optimizing websites across cultures?

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VideoAudioAudioJeffrey Eisenberg - Cross-cultural Website Optimization

How does Jeffrey work when optimizing websites across cultures?

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VideoAudioAudioTalesh Talking Security @ #MUC16NL

Talesh Seeparsan (@_Talesh) talking Security @ #MUC16NL

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VideoAudioAudioMagento UnConference NL 2016

Video of the first Magento UnConference in NL. #muc16nl Organised by Dutchento, the Dutch Magento Community.

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VideoAudioAudioI gave a talk about International business with Sonja Riesterer

Interview Sonja Riesterer & Fabian Schmengler

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VideoAudioAudioJisse and I get attacked by a goat and a chicken

Interview with Jisse Reitsma (Yireo) during the MageUnconference in Utrecht on October 15th 2016 about the session he gave on Magento Extension Quality and about the upcoming Magento 2 Seminar.

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VideoAudioAudioI gave a talk about giving talks with Fabian

This video is about the session Fabian and I did at the Magento Unconference in The Netherlands on October 16th 2016.

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VideoAudioAudioAesthetic Usability + Anchoring & Adjustment effects

Talk about the Aesthetic Usability and Anchoring & Adjustment effects while in London for a conference.

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VideoAudioAudioAftermovie Meet Magento Netherlands 2016

#mm16nl aftermovie, made by:

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VideoAudioAudioCompute required Sample Size for your A/B tests

So if you want to get started with A/B testing, you should calculate up front if you have enough users and conversions to see if it is even possible to perform an A/B test on your site. There are some general rules of thumb out there that say "don't go A/B testing when you have < 1000 conversions", which is fine, but probably not really helpful in your situation.

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VideoAudioAudioVideo: Online Persuasion @ Meet Magento Germany

Here's the video from me at Meet Magento in Leipzig, Germany last June. I presented my Online Persuasion session and the video was published this week at

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VideoAudioAudioVideo: my session at the Joomla! World Conference

I gave a session about Online Persuasion at the Joomla! World Conference in San Jose in 2012.

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VideoAudioAudioMagento Imagine Challenge

My entree for the Magento Imagine 2011 challenge!

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VideoAudioAudioJoomladays 2009, event evaluation

Interview with me as organizer of the Joomladays 2009, after the event.

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VideoAudioAudioInterview with me before Joomladays 2009

Interview from JiraICT with me as organizer of the Dutch Joomladays 2009. This interview took place before the event.

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