Lesson 7: Magento Installation

Written by Guido Jansen in
January 2011

Ok, enough about the Magento Ecosystem, let's start the new year by start digging into Magento itself! Again, the course is not meant to make you a Magento programmer, but you will find it useful when you're able to play with Magento yourself to try things out.

In order to do so you will need your own Magento installation before preceding to the following lessons. If you have a webhost that provides automated installation of Magento you can skip this lesson, if not, here's what you need to do:

  1. First you will need a (proper) Magento host that supports Magento's basic system requirements or if you want to install locally, you'll need a fully functional LAMP/WAMP/MAMP installation, configured for Magento.
  2. Create a database for Magento.
  3. Download the latest full release of Magento or the Magento downloader.
  4. Upload the files to your webserver.
  5. Open your browser and go to where you uploaded your files.
  6. Follow the Magento Installation Wizard.

A detailed installation instruction can be found on magentocommerce.com. If you run into problems, ask a techie to help or ask around on the Magento forum :). Next lesson: Magento multistore. 

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