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Hi, I'm Guido!

I have a background in Applied Cognitive Psychology and work in E-commerce to improve customer experiences and drive continuous business improvements. Which usually involves doing (user)research and looking at a lot of data. I love testing hypotheses about human behavior in online environments but also love building real life communities.

Guido Jansen

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Data Science

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Applied Cognitive Psychology

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Google Analytics

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I was born in 1982 in Zwolle, in the Netherlands. I lived in Hattem, Tiel, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Breukelen (yes, Brooklyn), Hoofddorp and now live in Amsterdam. Until 2004 I spent most of my time swimming, won several Dutch championships and participated in European championship tournaments.

Guido swimming
Young Guido Swimming


I studied Applied Cognitive Psychology at the University of Utrecht. I was board member of the Student Group of Social Sciences (SGS) in 2006/2007. For more info about my study/CV you can take a look at my LinkedIn Profile.

Professional Experience

  • Working in mixed teams with clients, front-end and back-end-developers and designers, both locally and internationally;
  • Pre-sales consulting (why and how companies should use Magento);
  • Writing functional design specifications/ responses to RFPs / project proposals;
  • Project management (following the SCRUM method, with both Dutch, Polish and Ukrainian developers);
  • After-sales consulting (how companies could improve their current webshop);
  • Setting up usability and A/B testing procedures;
  • Creating and developing new business ideas;
  • Blogging and speaking about Magento and (Online) Psychology at events.

Online Communities and Events

My main involvement lies with web-based open source applications and the communities involved with it. I founded one of the largest local Joomla! communities worldwide and I was a Dutch translation coordinator for the platform for quite some time. I also organized the two-day event Joomladays in 2009.

I switched focus to e-commerce and one system in particular: Magento.  I organized the first worldwide Meet Magento event in 2009 and  expanded the conference to over 550 participants in 2017. This makes is one of the biggest Magento events worldwide and the start of a global movement of over 60 events.

Mailchimp hats
Group photo at Meet Magento Belarus
Guido & Roy
Guido presenting

Published interviews with me

Keynote Speaker

In need of a keynote speaker or in-house workshop?

I speak at various international events every month and I'm regularly awarded as the best and most engaging speaker of the event. Send me your details and we'll get your event on my schedule!