Magento Masters: Mentor 2019

Written by Guido Jansen in
January 2019

Today it was announced that I was selected as a Magento Master for 2019 in the Mentor category!

Every year Magento recognises the 20 community members that have been the most active in the last year. In the year following, this select group carries the title "Magento Master". The 3 categories are Movers, Makers and Mentors and for my contributions in 2018 I've been selected as a Mentor.

A Mentor in Magento Masters is someone who is a top contributor to the Magento community and highly active educating others and developing resources for them. They have proven expertise on building successful Magento implementations.

From the announcement post:

Guido was selected as a Magento Master for 2019 based on his 2018 contributions organizing Meet Magento Netherlands, Distributed Magento Contribution Day in Rotterdam and Magento User Group Utrecht as well as well as co-hosting the Dutchento Podcast and helping to shape the Magento Association by serving on the Magento Association Task Force.

Such agreat honor to be selected for this and what great group to be part of! The other Magento Masters in the category "Mentors" that have been announced today are:

  • Damián Culotta
  • Vishal Gelani
  • Gabriel Guarino
  • Rakesh Jesadiya
  • Joseph Maxwell
  • Andreas von Studnitz

Check out the announcement post here:

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