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Video Often Confused Commerce Terms Audio Often Confused Commerce Terms

Recently I've seen some (often absolute) statements going around, generally in the line of "open source commerce platforms are a terrible idea". Now of course different solutions always have different pros and cons.

VideoOptimization hierarchy of evidenceAudioOptimization hierarchy of evidence

A hierarchy of evidence (or levels of evidence) is a heuristic used to rank the relative strength of results obtained from scientific research. I've created a version of this chart/pyramid applied to CRO which you can see below. It contains the options we have as optimizers and tools and methods we often use to gather data.

VideoDatascience can do what?AudioDatascience can do what?

This is a bonus episode with Emily Robinson (Senior Data Scientist at Warby Parker) en Lukas Vermeer (Director of Experimentation at In her earlier session that day, Emily said that real progress starts when you put your work online for others to see and comment on which in this case was about Github. Someone from the audience wondered how that works out in larger companies where a manager or even a legal department might not be overly joyous about that to say the least so I asked Emily about her thoughts on that. Recorded live with audience pre-covid-19 at the Conversion Hotel conference in november 2019 on the island of Texel in The Netherlands. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoThings that are always broken in AnalyticsAudioThings that are always broken in Analytics

This is a bonus episode recorded live with audience pre-covid-19 at the Conversion Hotel conference in November 2019 on the island of Texel in The Netherlands. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoHow you can motivate your organization to adopt CROAudioHow you can motivate your organization to adopt CRO

Together with Ruben de Boer I explore the ways you can motivate your team and organization to adopt CRO, whether you're just starting out or already have an ongoing CRO program. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoAre you LEFT or RIGHT brain? Surprise: you're bothAudioAre you LEFT or RIGHT brain? Surprise: you're both

You've probably heard about this divide between the functions of the Left Brain versus the Right Brain. There is no divide.

VideoThe Art and Science of Converting Visitors into CustomersAudioThe Art and Science of Converting Visitors into Customers

Khalid Saleh is CEO at Invesp, one of the first companies in North America dedicated to CRO that he founded back in 2006. He's also the co-author of an's bestselling book: "Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Visitors into Customers, a book he published already 10 years ago. Khalid brings a ton of experience to the table and I’m glad to be talking to him today about the seemingly simple task of finding the things that are broken on your website. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoFind CRO gold using an SEO crawlerAudioFind CRO gold using an SEO crawler

In this episode I talk with Luke Carthy and he will teach us how to use a SEO crawler to find on-site conversion bottlenecks AND you’ll find out why tea and biscuits are a golden combination... (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoHolacracy: decentralized management and organizational governanceAudioHolacracy: decentralized management and organizational governance

In this episode I talk with Morgan Legge, Director of Operations & Certified Partner Outreach at our long time sponsor Today is not necessarily about CRO specifically, but rather about how to work together within your company. Morgan is going to tell us about the decentralized management model called Holacracy which I personally find fascinating and we end our talk talking about how this also led to Convert applying something that is called Conscious Business by for example eliminating bias in hiring and becoming carbon positive. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoCentralized versus Decentralized CROAudioCentralized versus Decentralized CRO

In this episode I talk with Andrea Corvi, Experimentation Manager at iTech Media. iTech is a company that works for a host of clients all owned by the same mother company so they sort of function as an inhouse agency for different inhouse clients. Today we talk about working with a centralized versus a decentralized CRO model. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

Video6 steps to get your experimentational culture runningAudio6 steps to get your experimentational culture running

In this episode I talk with Marianne Stjernvall from the TUI Group. Marianne did a presentation last week at Digital Elite Live about the 6 steps to create an experimental culture. I definitely wanted to follow up with her on that so here we are! (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoLet's help the world: The Covid19 Conversion Rate Aid PackageAudioLet's help the world: The Covid19 Conversion Rate Aid Package

A lot of businesses have been hit hard. As group of global CRO specialits, we want to help. Maximising conversion rates on your website is important now more than ever. We're launching the COVID19 Conversion Rate Aid Package, better known as #COVIDCRAP. In this episode I talk to the person that kickstarted COVIDCRAP: Raoul DooraySwaamie and we’ll be talking about what covidcrap is and how you as a cro specialist or as a business can join. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoAutomation of tedious CRO workAudioAutomation of tedious CRO work

In this episode I talk to designer, developer, and optimizer Matt Beischel. He runs his own agency Corvus CRO and we discuss automating parts of your CRO workflow so you can keep focusing on the fun parts of the job. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoWhy CROs should think as a Venture CapitalistAudioWhy CROs should think as a Venture Capitalist

Sean is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and co-founder of GrowthX and the GrowthX Academy. He has successfully grown dozens of early-stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets. He’s now committed to working on building startup ecosystems and developing the next generation of leaders for the innovation economy. Sean and I discuss some Strategies for Navigating Through Tough Times and talk about how CROs like you and me can deal with companies asking us to optimize when there isn’t even a product/market fit. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoA better alternative to classic personality tests and how to apply them to commerceAudioA better alternative to classic personality tests and how to apply them to commerce

A challenge that we’ve all faced when trying to understand customer behavior is that the data just isn’t quite there yet and it’s also a challenge to make it viable for commercial use. But - since you’re listening to this podcast - you are probably very much aware that insights into purchasing behaviour is key to your success. This is where Jon Puleston comes in. He is the Vice President of Innovation at the data insights and consulting company, Kantar and he is a multi-award winning market researcher known worldwide for his thought leadership and new perspectives on the way in which we conduct user and product research. My co-host Bart van der Meer and I spoke with Jon at the beginning of February at a conference and we spoke about his recent paper on developing a more robust measurement tool that can provide a clear picture of human decision making at scale, as well as the techniques he learned along the way that can be applied in the wider world of research. So this is the audio recording of that live session, if you want you can also view the live video recording of my talk with John when you head over to (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoOptimizing for reach and performanceAudioOptimizing for reach and performance

With Marta Florentyna Saratowicz I talk about her DAC19 session "How to cope with Intelligent Tracking Protection" and after that we continue our discussion talking about optimizing for reach and performance. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

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