Data Driven Decisions meets Psychology


Data Driven Decisions meets Psychology

Written by X Jansen,
October 2017
Written by a human, not by AI

On October 24th, I gave a session at Nomad Mage about using psychology and data to make the decisions to improve your webshop.

After a short introduction, I spoke about these 3 topics:

  1. why psychology is important when selling online;
  2. how to build an optimization team;
  3. how to work on your optimization culture.

I hope my session inspired you to work on this, but I don’t have the illusion that my 1,5 hour general session gave you all the information you need for your specific situation. So to help you get started, below you will find many notes and further readings on the topics around this session t get you started on implementing this in your organization.

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Part 1: Persuasive E-commerce


Data Driven Decisions meets Psychology by Guido JansenDuring the Nomadmage session, Guido will show you... 1) why psychology is important when you're selling online, 2) how…

Expanded version of me talking about Persuasive E-commerce:


Video where I talk about our experiments with running multivariate tests with Machine Learning through Sentient Ascend:


Cognitive biases:

  • List of cognitive biases -
  • Cognitive bias cheat -

Tools I’m using on a daily/weekly basis:

  • Convert (A/B testing)
  • Sentient Ascend (Experiment with Machine Learning)
  • Effective Experiments (Project Management for A/B tests)
  • Hotjar (Heatmaps, funnel/form analysis, questionaires)
  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Data Studio (Data analysis)
  • Supermetrics for Google Drive (Data analysis)
  • RStudio (Data Analysis)

Books you should read:

Part 2: Building an Optimization Dream Team


Also see my posts The CRO Process and The Website Optimization Workflow over on LinkedIn.

Mentioned tools:

Further reading:

Part 3: Optimization Culture


Optimization culture by Guido Jansen

Further reading:

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