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If you're working within the commerce industry, are interested in different business models and how they play out then this is the podcast for you. A lighthearted approach to presenting a single interesting business case weekly and if we think it will succeed or fail.

Every episode there will be the sheep who takes on the identity of the business and defends its business model, while the other participants will be the wolves who will grill the sheep and decide if they want to invest or not.

A Spryker podcast series hosted by Guido X Jansen with co-hosts Alexander Graf & Yara Molthan.


Latest episodes:

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CRO.CAFE Podcast

I started this podcast because I felt there are quite some misconceptions in the CRO community about what "others" are doing in CRO and people feeling unnecessary inhibited by their available resources. Every week I have a guest from a different company (from client-, vendor or agency side). Hearing what other actually do gives a more realistic view and I find it quite inspirational to hear everyones stories.

The podcast is available in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.


Latest English episodes:

Latest Spanish episodes:

Latest Dutch episodes:

Latest German episodes:

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