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Creating an optimization culture

How to align CRO teams across 39 countries and 16 timezones, all in different stages of digital maturity? During this session, Guido shares his experience and talks about the challenges of building an agile experimentation/ online optimization culture within a large international corporation

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Persuasive E-commerce

Presentation or workshop in which I teach the audience about the biases that our brain has, the mistakes we make while making decisions and how we can utilize this in an e-commerce environment.

By far my most popular popular presentation. Started out giving this session in 2011 and it kept evolving over the years in a session I have now given in over 20 countries!

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Data Driven Decisions meets Psychology

This is a combination of 3 session here Guido will talk about...

1) why psychology is important when you’re selling online
2) how to build an optimization team and
3) talk about optimization culture.

A lot of practical real-life experience will be shared and we will also get a peak into how Guido is experimenting with AI systems.

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Cross-cultural website optimization

In this presentation I share my experience with optimizing websites across different countries/cultures. What things are the same, what things are different and what should you do when expanding internationally from a cultural standpoint?

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Building your Optimization Dream Team

In this session I share my experience in building in-house Conversion optimization teams: what platforms, people and processes do you need?

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Improve CRO processes with evolutionary AI

How do you get to the best converting layout of your website? In this case study, Guido will show you how his team at Euroflorist  is structured and he will talk about how his team is preparing for the next steps in optimizing their B2C e-commerce platform through Artificial Intelligence systems. Will AI be more efficient and can it replace the regular A/B testing process? This new AI approach is a revolution in the conversion world, with a ground breaking promise all experts are looking out for. Let’s see how it’s being used in practice!

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August 22, 2019

DDMA Dutch CRO Awards

September 26, 2019


The Hague
October 17, 2019

Magento Live Europe

October 22, 2019
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