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Video Often Confused Commerce Terms Audio Often Confused Commerce Terms

Recently I've seen some (often absolute) statements going around, generally in the line of "open source commerce platforms are a terrible idea". Now of course different solutions always have different pros and cons.

VideoState of analytics, experimentation, and personalization with browsers’ privacy initiativesAudioState of analytics, experimentation, and personalization with browsers’ privacy initiatives

Recording from Emerce GAUC where we talk with Simo Ahava, Ton Wesseling and Steen Rasmussen about the current state of Analytics and in particular how browser are making our work harder :). (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoImplementing behavioral sciences in agile teamsAudioImplementing behavioral sciences in agile teams

Whether talking to agencies or clients, implementing behavioral sciences in agile teams seems to be a struggle that many companies face. Together with André Morys, owner of konversionsKRAFT I explore why this is the case and what optimization teams can do to overcome this. (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoAI & PersonalizationAudioAI & Personalization

Guy Yalif performed his CH2019 keynote "AI & Personalization Demystified" and spoke about how we can use AI and machine learning, what it is (and isn't) good for in marketing and personalization. After his session, he and Niels Reimer joined me in the café to talk about this! (oorspronkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoRecording: How to Web 2019 - Data-Driven Decisions meets PsychologyAudioRecording: How to Web 2019 - Data-Driven Decisions meets Psychology

Recording of my session at How To Web conference in Bucharest (October 2019).

VideoCH2019: Privacy, Analytics and CROAudioCH2019: Privacy, Analytics and CRO

CH2019 with Aurélie Pols and Rick Dronkers (oorsponkelijk gepubliceerd op

VideoMagento Masters Spotlight: Guido JansenAudioMagento Masters Spotlight: Guido Jansen

Interview with me about being selected as a Magento Master. Recorded at Magento Imagine Las Vegas in March 2019, published on on January 8th 2020.

VideoThe Story of Spryker with CEO Boris LokschinAudioThe Story of Spryker with CEO Boris Lokschin

If you’re a merchant, contemplating the future of eCommerce, listen to Boris Lokschin, CEO of Spryker, talk about how his open source eCommerce platform can help you now, and in the future. Key takeaways include: Boris’s background in eCommerce, where eCommerce technology is heading, what role the marketplaces play in the future of eCommerce in Europe, why the big platforms own the customers, the vision for Spryker, the surprising applications that he’s seen clients use Spryker for, and how to work with a co-CEO. (originally published on

VideoMagentoLive Europe 2019: 3 Questions with Gary SpecterAudioMagentoLive Europe 2019: 3 Questions with Gary Specter

At MagentoLive Europe I was able to sit down with Gary Specter, Vice President, Global Head GTM, Commercial at Adobe, and ask him three questions live during a livestream from the event! #MLEU #ecommerce.

VideoMagentoLive Europe 2019: Commerce SneaksAudioMagentoLive Europe 2019: Commerce Sneaks

Together with Michele Miller, Sr. manager of Solutions Innovations at Adobe, I was invited to host the Commerce Sneaks session at MagentoLive Europe 2019 in Amsterdam. Amazing to see the innovations that the community has come up with in the half year since the previous Commerce Sneaks at Imagine!

VideoMagento Masters: Mentor 2019AudioMagento Masters: Mentor 2019

Today it was announced that I was selected as a Magento Master for 2019 in the Mentor category!

VideoFirst episode of CRO.CAFÉ is live!AudioFirst episode of CRO.CAFÉ is live!

As announced in November I would be starting a new (Dutch) podcast series this year about CRO. Today the first episode launched!

VideoCRO.CAFÉ Episode 0 (Teaser)AudioCRO.CAFÉ Episode 0 (Teaser)

In 2019 I will start a new Dutch podcast series about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). I want to get a better insight into the Dutch CRO field, get an idea of how everyone is working, what the struggles are and use this platform to exchange knowledge and experience. I'll be interviewing people working in/with CRO at agencies, tool vendors, merchants and other end-users.

VideoRecording: Creating An Optimization CultureAudioRecording: Creating An Optimization Culture

At Meet Magento UK last July I shared my ideas on how to create an optimization culture at you company, today the organisation released the video recording of my session so here you go!

VideoMagento Association Mission Statement & Culture StatementAudioMagento Association Mission Statement & Culture Statement

The last couple of weeks the Magento Association Task Force has been working on the Mission and Culture statement for the new Magento Association. Today at Magento Live Europe in Barcelona, Mark Lavelle - Senior Vice President of Magento - announced this on stage.

VideoAnnouncing the Magento Association Task ForceAudioAnnouncing the Magento Association Task Force

Last April at Imagine 2018, Magento announced the creation of a new global Magento Association, in partnership with the Meet Magento Association team and the global Magento community.

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