Conversion Rate Optimisation & Multivariate Testing through AI by Guido Jansen

Written by X Jansen,
July 2017

During Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference we had a talk by Guido Jansen about Conversion Rate Optimisation & Multivariate Testing through AI. Guido talks about the significant advantage AI can provide marketers in conversion rate optimisation & multivariate testing.

Watch this short but informative video by Guido Jansen if you want to gain a deeper understanding of conversion rate optimisation & multivariate testing through AI. Guido Jansen is Chief Psychology Officer at Euroflorist, an online e-commerce company that sells “gifts worldwide with a strong focus on flowers”. With more than 30 years of experience, Euroflorist partners with over 54,000 local flower shops to deliver top quality fresh flowers and gifts. Euroflorist are based in the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden and was established in Sweden in 1982 when the engineer Peter Jungbeck came together with his friend and business partner Lars Hedberg to form the company formerly known as “Svensk Blomsterförmedling”. An AI enthusiast, Guido Jansen has an interest in how AI can enhance conversion rate optimisation & multivariate testing. Having studied Applied Cognitive Psychology at Masters level, Guido applies this theoretical knowledge of human behaviour to each company he works with. This talk was given during Amsterdam’s Growth Marketing Conference on May 12th at the Growth Tribe Academy Campus. Growth Marketing Conference had its first continental European event in partnership with the Amsterdam and UK based digital skills training company, Growth Tribe, who also brought the Growth Marketing Conference to London on May 9th . Speakers at the event included Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics, growth hacking extraordinaire Sujan Patel , SEO expert Clayton Wood and Eric Siu of Single Grain. What you’ll learn from this talk: Conversion rate optimisation Multivariate testing Ai Experimentation Ecommerce optimisation Web page optimisation User feedback and it’s benefits How to use AI for marketing

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