Magento announcements at #innovate2011


Magento announcements at #innovate2011

Written by X Jansen,
October 2011
Written by a human, not by AI

It's great seeing all Magento folks again in San Francisco and seeing Magento taking the lead when it comes to everything community: the #preinnovate party was dominated bij Magento community members! Also a great honor to shake hands and talk to John Donahoe, CEO of eBay during the dinner session. I also spoke with Roy Rubin again and we talked about some new stuff that Magento announces today at the conference. Here' s an exclusive preview to what is about to be announced at the conference...

Free online developer training!

Two friends and two of the best Magento trainers worldwide, Vinai Kopp & Ben Marks, have been providing training to developers for the Magento U developer program for a couple of months now. These many, many hours of very valuable lessons have been recorded for all of us to see! And the best thing about it? You can access it for FREE! I think this is a great move from Magento. Enabling developers to get started with Magento or update their knowledge with the latest information brings the knowledge of developers worldwide to a higher level.

Go will allow 3rd party extensions!

The training wheels are coming off of  Magento Go extensions which means that from now on, everyone can also install 3rd party extension in their Magento Go store!

Interchangeable extensions

All extensions that are developed for the 'regular' standalone Magento applications (community, professional and enterprise) will be interchangeable with Magento Go. No extra work for developers needed to adapt their extension for different Magento versions!

New Magento Connect

A completely new Magento Connect allows for apps to be quality tested by Magento itself. Developers can request extensions to be tested by Magento. If approved they get a 'Trusted'  status for everyone to see. This qualifaction is required for Magento Go extensions. Since Magento Go is hosted, this seems to be a very logical and essential move to me, you wouldn't wan't to upload every custom extension to Go and have it break some stuff. Also new in Magento connect is that you can search, select, pay and install (certified) Magento Go extensions, all within Magento connect. Magento will handle everything without involvement of the developer and the ned for customers to download/ install things themselves which should make this a very user friendly system. This brings Magento Connect closer and closer to a system just working like the Apple App store. I don't know the percentage Magento will ask for this, but I guess that will be talked about in more detail today. More cool new Magento stuff will become public today and tomorrow at the X.commerce Innovate conference. Keep an eye out on this blog and my Twitter account for the latest updates! Edit: Read the Magento Connect announcement blogpost

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