Presentation: Magento, the number one e-commerce platform

Written by Guido Jansen in
December 2010

Today I presented my 'Introduction to Magento' to customers of a hosting company in The Netherlands (Oxilion). I made the (3,5 hour) presentation with the tool and I'd like to share it here with you. PS: You don't have to follow the fixed path of the presentation, you can pan and zoom as you like! I also got some really nice reactions from people who attended the seminar:

First of Guido does not use powerpoint or keynote, but wich makes the presentation itself just a little more interactive and special. And there was Guido's knowledge of the subject, the way he interacts and his humor. I've had great fun and learned a lot, I'd actually like to hire him but well.. He's got a job ;-)

Floris Diemel - Commercial Manager (CCO), Cambrium

As Community Manager for Magento he knows his share, and was willing to share with us, what the Magento Community can and can not do. All in all it turned out to be a great seminar with lots of positive response. Thank you Guido, for the inspiring session!

Niek Slaghekke - Sales Consultant, Oxilion

I attended the session to get to know Magento better and know what ist's abilities are and whether it could be used for a future webshop for my company. The presentation itself was very well designed, executed with both patience and humor and Guido made sure the audience kept involved and alert at all times. In the meantime, I managed to learn quite a lot from it too. I would recommend Guido as a speaker when it comes to Magento and especially when there is a less-then-formal atmosphere.

Randal Peelen - Productmanager, Cambrium

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