Lesson 1: A little Magento history

Written by Guido Jansen in
September 2010

Let's start the series with a little Magento history. Varien is a company founded in 2001 by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner (take a look at the current Magento Leadership). Varien did many e-commerce implementations using osCommerce. Lack of stability, features and flexibility of osCommerce made them decide to start a new e-commerce project in 2007.

They released the first beta version of Magento on August 31 of that year and Magento 1.0 stable was released on March 31st 2008 under the Open Software License (OSL) 3.0. Recently, Varien changed names to Magento Inc. and they now have 115+ employees in Los Angeles and the Ukraine. Currently, there are 3 versions of Magento: Community (1.4), Professional and Enterprise (1.9). The international website for Magento is magentocommerce.com. It's the place for everything official from Magento Inc. The parts you'll be using most are:

  • Magento Connect - The place to look for Magento extensions: software that is used to extend the functionality of Magento.
  • Blog - Here you can find updates about new versions, newly released webshops, event invitations and all kinds of other news from Magento Inc.
  • Forum - If you have a problem or question and Google, the documentation or wiki didn't work out, take a look at the forum, there's always someone around to help.

Besides the above, you'll also spend some time around the official resources (documentation, wiki, screencasts etc.), but that's something for another week :). Tasks for this week:

That should keep you busy in your first week. Good luck and let me know how it worked out!

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