Interview: Brent Peterson

Written by Guido Jansen in
January 2011

It's time for another Magento interview! This time we have the honor to learn more about Brent Peterson.

Brent lives and works in Minneapolis, USA and works as a Software Developer at Wagento Data Consulting LLC. You can connect with him on Skype (creativedata) and of course on the Magento forum as Brent W Peterson where he is one of the moderators.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

Becoming a Pianist.

My philosophy on life is...

Pray without ceasing

What is your average day like?

Lots and lots of coding and lots of fires to put out.

The ideal night out is...

Nice movie with my wife

I'm good at...

Solving database problems

I'm very bad at...

Navigating on a Mac (j.k.)

What are you proud of?

My Kids

How did you get involved in Magento?

I started working with it because the company I work for wanted to use it

I am (still/currently) involved with Magento because...

I love the software and the open source community that is involved with it

What should every newcomer know about Magento?

Don't be afraid of asking alot of questions and backup often.

Which feature would you really like to see added to Magento?

CMS searching and indexingLight Admin order taking

And what feature would you really like to see removed? Poll

What is the first extension you install in Magento?

My FAQ module

What's the first thing you would improve on


Complete the sentence "Magento changes the e-commerce landscape forever because..."

...allows for a wide base of support and input to create a dynamic product. Thanks Brent for your cooperation! Next time I'll interview Rhonda Rondeau, Magento Inc. Community Manager. If you want to stay up-to-date, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, the Newsletter or my Facebook page.

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