Feedback 4: Official Documentation

Written by X Jansen,
October 2010

The sales skills of Magento are amazing. It provides shop owners many opportunities to increase sale and conversion of their webshop. The function of ‘webshop’ has almost disappeared after the appearance of Magento in the race of e-commerce solutions.

Selling products is no longer the only wish of shop owners. They are looking for new features to please new customers, thinking about different tactics about how to increase the amount of returning visitors. Online and offline research of the market, the customer satisfaction surveys and extending product assortment are the indispensable parts of successful (Magento) webshops. Last Thursday I had a stage reunion, when every student should tell more about his intern. I was just waiting for my turn, to tell the audience of 40 students of Digital Communication an amazing online shop solution, Magento! To my surprise I was not the only student who had something to tell about Magento. An another student told about his intern at another company where he also is an consultant on Magento platform websites. Fortunately he didn’t told all the advantages of Magento, giving me the turn to do it;) I think the success of Magento is also in stimulated by the website The screencasts and webinars I listened were very clear to understand for me as a student, as for the marketers and shop owners with less technical knowledge. I will keep following the screencasts and discovering newer features in my favorite webshop solution. :magentoguru:

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