Feedback 5: Be a user advocate, not a system sales rep.

Written by Guido Jansen in
October 2010

It’s very important to realize about the pros and cons of Magento. Beside the many advantages, Magento also has some disadvantages that can have some influence to the choice of e-commerce platform.

One of the points the shop owner should be careful about and good informed in is the migration of data from another platform. I also noticed data migration is always a difficult issue. The structure of databases are not the same in different platforms. It takes a lot of time and costs to perform a successful migration. Other issues are the high costs for support, license and development of the platform. While I appointed some issues you should look after, before choosing for Magento, don’t forget it has also big amount of advantages. It’s a powerful open source platform for all your sales, transactions, mailings, Rich Merchandising and another marketing activities. I think personally the biggest disadvantages of Magento (Professional and Enterprise) versions are the relatively high costs, but it’s inevitable for such a great platform growing every month. But as you know, if you want a real increase in your revenue, you have to invest in the tools to reach your goals. The idea of Magento Uservoice is incredible. It really gives an impression of an open source environment everybody all over the world contributes to improve Magento. The visitors can also vote the issues of the developers to pay more attention and give more priority to some posts. In my opinion not only developers, but also shop owners, sales managers and marketers could participate to this system, because they also have many ideas to make Magento more powerful, innovative and more purposeful e-commerce platform. :magentoguru:

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