Course participant: Introducing Voskan

Written by X Jansen,
September 2010

(for an introduction to this blog series: How to create a Magento Master) I am Voskan Martirosian, student of Digital Communication studies at Hogeschool Utrecht. The next 6 months I am going to work as a consultant, project manager and as Guido said probably a Magento guru! I am proud to work with these Magento professionals and a cognitive psychologist. I hope also to be a nice college and learn a lot from working with Magento. Having learned how Magento operates, I would be glad to educate others how to use this program as I enjoy giving presentations and making people inspired about new products. The world of Digital Communication is quite broad and I should think a lot before choosing the right direction. According to my experience more and more companies are interested in e-commerce, Search Engine Optimization and advertising. This direction  I would like to choose right now.I would be glad to receive feedback to my (weekly) posts. 

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