iPhone/ iPod/ iPad iOS4 Update review

Written by Guido Jansen in
June 2010

Today I updated my iPod Touch 3G to the new iOS4. It promises 'over 100 new features' so I was looking forward to some new cool features. Of course I know some of the new features will only apply to iPhone/iPad users and not on my iPod, but still... Features to look forward to:

  • Multitasking
  • Folders
  • iBooks
  • Custom playlists
  • Faces and Places in Video
  • Home Screen wallpaper
  • Spell checking

iOS4 upgrade

The upgrade was quite simple, connect the iPod to the MacBook, launch iTunes, select the device and click on the upgrade button. Apparently the update removes all data from the device because after the upgrade (which took around 15 minutes), all data needed to be synced again (which took another 15 minutes for my device which has around 14 GB data on).

New iOS4 features


I think this needs to be supported by the app since every (non-apple) app I try still completely closes and restarts when you open it again. I was looking forward seeing this in action with radio apps. Normally they shut down when you go to another app which makes them useless for background music while using other apps. However, so far no luck with this on iOS4 :(.

New Mail

Well, I can be short on this one: mail isn't working anymore so I have to get back to you on this... Edit: I guess it took a while to sync the e-mail: a couple of hours after the upgrade my e-mail was back again. I'm using Gmail through IMAP and no sign of the new threaded e-mail there...


This one wasn't clear to me immediately, but luckily my twitter friends cam to the rescue :). You can now create a folder of app by dragging on app onto another app. Quite handy to group app this way, work better for me compared to having another homescreen for every app category. It stops with one-level , you can't have folders in another folder.


Is this an app? Is it an extra feature that other apps can use? I have now idea, can't find this extra feature anywhere, maybe this is an iPhone/iPad only app. Edit: Yes it's an extra app you can download from the appstore after you've upgraded tot iOS4.

Custom playlists

Been looking forward to this feature from when I had my first iPod which seems like a decade ago. Apparently Apple finally agrees.

Faces and Places in Photos

Apparently also an iPhone only feature, I only see albums in my photos app.

Home Screen wallpaper

This one is nice, but really nothing to be proud of. Could and should have been there a long time ago.

Spell checking

Works great, even in Dutch :).


So all in all nothing spectacular when you 'only' have an iPod Touch. The Folders and custom playlists are probably going to be the most used features by me.

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