Lesson 4: Official Documentation


Lesson 4: Official Documentation

Written by Gui.do X Jansen,
October 2010
Written by a human, not by AI

It's important to know all about the features of Magento, what it can and cannot do and where you can refer to when you or clients have questions about Magento. So for this lesson, you'll start to discover all things that make Magento one of the coolest products out there. We start by looking at some video's and reading Magento documentation.

Official Guides

These are the guides provided by Magento Inc. aimed at the users of the system: you and your clients. I would advice to always provide your clients with these as a backup reference.

  • Magento User Guide (ebook and print format available)
  • Magento Enterprise User Guide (ebook)



At the moment there are 29 (mainly non-technical) screencasts available with over 1 hour and 45 minutes aimed at explaining specific Magento features, both frontend and backend. Great for getting a glimpse on what Magento can do and to see it live in action. Go to the Magento Screencasts.


Webinars are live seminars, but online. Many of these are recorded so you can also see them afterwards: at the moment there are 31 webinars available in the webinar archive, all around 30-60 minutes in length. Some of them are aimed at development, you can skip those. Although some are a little outdated, most will contain quite interesting information.


Because this is quite a heavy lesson with much reading and watching, you will have two weeks for this lesson.

  • Read the Official Guides
  • View all screencasts
  • See if you can get your hand on the sales tactics book and start reading it.
  • Watch some of the webinars. It's way to much to watch all at once, but try to view a couple you find interesting for this lesson. For the following weeks, watch one every week until you've seen them all.

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