Update: 101 ways to optimize Magento for speed

Written by X Jansen,
June 2010

Guess Magento and it's speed is a hot issue :).

Less than two weeks ago I did a blogpost about '101 ways to speed up your Magento e-commerce website' that made my blog stats skyrocket. This blogpost is a quick update about two things: more tips and a Magento site to prove to you Magento can be fast. To begin with the first: thanks for all the great reactions to my list. I know I cheated a little with the title (I only started out with 30 tips), but with your help the list is now up to 43 tips and some additional bonus tips. That's great! Thank you guys for sharing and showing all those people complaining about Magento speed that there just plain wrong. And to prove that Magento can be fast: take a look at the new Magento Enterprise shop at The shop is quite fast (hosted in The Netherlands so might be slower when you're outside Europe) considering this is 'just' a basic Magento Enterprise shop. And we haven't even started optimizing it for speed with my list yet... It 'just' runs on really good hosting (from Byte Internet) and of course all the basic stuff is done (cache is turned on), but nothing fancy really. So again proof that Magento ís build for speed! Do you also run a Magento store or are you a Magento developer and have some additional tips I can add to the list? Please let me know in the comments so we can improve the list and use it as a reference document!

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