Back from São Paulo and San José, CA !

Written by X Jansen,
December 2012

Last week I returned from a small world tour to São Paulo and San José, California!

I was invited to speak at the Meet Magento Brazil and Joomla World Conference events, both times talking about Online Persuasion. And had a great time doing so! The first event was Meet Magento Brazil in São Paulo. It was the first Meet Magento event in Brazil, but organized by the experienced event team of Netresearch that also organizes the Magento events in Germany and Developers Paradise in Spain. I had a great time getting to know the local community and the Brazilian e-commerce ecosystem, so a big thanks to Netresearch for inviting me! 

The second event was in San José California and another 'first' event: after many years of many local and international events this was the first Joomla! event organized by the Joomla! organization itself. Before I started with Magento 4,5 years ago, I did a lot with Joomla! and know a lot of people in the community so it was great to see everyone again in San José! Online Persuasion @ Meet Magento Brazil on Prezi If you're interested in my session, you can find the Prezi and many additional resources over at I also want to thank my employer ISM eCompany for letting me go for 2 weeks to attend these events abroad. I also did a small crowdfunding campaign to get the travel expenses covered so I want to thank everyone who contributed to that, especially the Dutch (Joomla! + Magento) hosting company Byte Internet that was the main sponsor for my trip. By the way: Byte is also launching a revolutionary new hosting product next year. I'm not allowed to tell you much about it, but it will be a huge timesaver for developers in the implementation and developing proces of Joomla and Magento sites. So my advice to you would be to go over to and subscribe to their newsletter to stay informed when they go live.

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