Tell a Story

Written by Guido Jansen in
September 2010


It's much easier for people to remember a story, real or imagined. 


Does your webshop have a story? Do you include your customers? Give people a story they can relate to,what it's use is and how it helps them. It'll help them remember and makes it much easier to tell their friends about your business.

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First episode of CRO.CAFÉ is live!
First episode of CRO.CAFÉ is live!

As announced in November I would be starting a new (Dutch) podcast series this year about CRO. Today the first episode launched!

CRO.CAFÉ Episode 0 (Teaser)
CRO.CAFÉ Episode 0 (Teaser)

In 2019 I will start a new Dutch podcast series about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). I want to get a better insight into the Dutch CRO field, get an idea of how everyone is working, what the struggles are and use this platform to exchange knowledge and experience. I'll be interviewing people working in/with CRO at agencies, tool vendors, merchants and other end-users.